**It is important to use a personal email address to create your Badgr account so you can continue to access your Badgr account after your Wolfmail email account is no longer active. Badges issued from Cardinal Stritch University are linked to the wolfmail email address listed in your Badgr account, so you will need to link your Wolfmail email address to your Badgr account after setting it up.

To access your Badges, follow the instruction above for Accessing an existing Badgr Account.

Once you are logged in, it should default to your Backpack page. If not, click on the Backpack link in the menu at the top of your account.

Click on the badge you want to view. This will take you to that badges page.

From the badge's page, you can Share the badge, Print a badge certificate, View the badges external criteria URL, Delete the badge, or add it to a collection.

Share Badge allows you to share your credentials via a private link, through social media, or and embeded iframe code.

Print Certificate allows you to print a physical copy of a badge.

Delete Badge will remove the badge from your account.

Add to collection will add the badge to a collection you have created. You must have a Collection already created to add a Badge to a collection.

To create a Collection:

1) Click on Collections in the menu at the top of your Badgr account, this will take you to the Collections page

2) Click on Add Collections in the upper right corner.

At the Collections page, give your collection a 1) Title and 2) Description, then 3) Click on Add Collection

This will take you to the Collection you just created.

Here you can also add Badges by clicking on the Add Badge button, and selecting the badge you want to add.

You can also set your Collection from public to private with the toggle switch in the upper right corner, and delete your collection with the Delete Collection link below the collection description.

Setting your collection to Public with the toggle switch allows you to Share Collections.